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Irvine Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian | Client Testimonials

Being a client of Neshanian Law Firm and having the support and defense of Amy Neshanian for almost 17 years is one of those things that I will always  be thankful for. She was and still is there every time I need her help and wise suggestions, she is next to me in every steps of the case. Amy Neshanian's caring and professional  character and her honesty will be always appreciated and I will recommend her services to everybody.

I am very pleased to have such a smart and powerful attorney. 


Amy Neshanian came highly recommended in a time when I was in serious need of top notch legal representation.  I was fighting a battle against my ex and felt as if I was losing at the hand of another attorney. It was vital that the person representing me not only believe my side of the story, but be able to relay the truth in the courtroom.  Amy did just that!  She was 110% invested in not only winning my case but letting the truth be known. She was incredibly professional, kind and sensitive to my feelings toward my situation.  Her work was without gaps or flaws; leading to the successful win of my case. She is a rare gem in the legal world, a force to be reckoned with and worth every cent.

Kimberly Toscano  

Amy is amazing.  I came to her afraid, confused and lost.  Her professionalism, fight and compassion brought me through the darkest time of my life.  Amy is definitely someone you want in your corner.  She even waived my last payment after my ex continued to drag out the court proceedings and we had to leave it to the judge to decide.  I continue to rely on Amy to advise me through my struggles (it's been 3 years).

Grace Pyle

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