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Ladera Ranch Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian

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The Ladera RanEric and Amy Neshanianch Family Law Attorney at our law firm is a certified family law specialist. Amy Neshanian helps men and women with many divorce and separation issues, including child and spousal support, visitation, custody, palimony, domestic violence, and more. If you need reliable legal counsel in Ladera Ranch or elsewhere in Orange County or California, call The Neshanian Law Firm.

Our well-regarded family law office offers strong representation in litigation and negotiations. If circumstances have changed and a post-judgment modification is needed, or if you are looking for insightful advice regarding a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, we may be able to assist. Call (714) 973-2600 to reach our family law firm and set up an appointment with Ladera Ranch Attorney Amy Neshanian.

Ms. Neshanian’s state certification means she has extended education and credentials in the field of family law. Due to these higher qualifications, she is better able to protect the interests of clients in court, in mediation, and in negotiations. Attesting to her outstanding ability is our many past successes.

Family Law Attorney Serving the Ladera Ranch, CA Community

Ladera Ranch Family Law Lawyer, Child Visitation Attorney, and Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Neshanian has been helping people with divorce and separation cases for over 17 years. Our firm is able to provide reliable counsel regarding family law issues of virtually all types.

Divorce Attorney | Dissolution of Marriage

Ms. Neshanian is a certified specialist who represents clients in matters pertaining to uncontested, contested, high-asset, and low-asset divorce.

Legal Separation Lawyer

When a couple chooses to separate,  questions over child support, property division, and other legal concerns must be addressed. To learn more about asset protection and other separation agreement matters, call our law office to arrange a meeting with Ladera Ranch Legal Separation Attorney Neshanian.

Spousal Support Attorney & Alimony

There are several factors affecting the payment of spousal support. To learn more about when alimony may be ordered, call our firm. Spousal Support Lawyer and Alimony Attorney Neshanian is qualified to assist with collection issues as well as modifying finalized court orders regarding alimony.Law Office of Ladera Ranch Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian

Child Custody Attorney | Physical and Legal Custody

When two parents cannot agree on matters of child custody, Ms. Neshanian may be able to assist. Please contact us to find out what types of legal arrangements for child custody may be appropriate for your circumstances.

Child Visitation Lawyer

According to the law, parenting agreements must prioritize the wellbeing of the child above all other interests. It should outline arrangements for holidays, vacations, and other occasions. Proper parenting time should be provided. If grandparents help with caring for the child, time with grandparents should be included in the parenting agreement as well. Child Visitation Attorney Amy Neshanian can help you learn more about creating a plan the court is likely to approve.

Divorce Mediation Attorney | Offering Litigation Alternatives

When couples opt for mediation over litigation, it usually enables a more agreeable divorce process. To discuss how we may be able to help divorcing spouses reach a mutual agreement, contact our divorce mediation lawyer.

Annulment Lawyer | Nullification of Marriage

In situations where an element of duress or fraud was present at the time of the marriage, or if one of the parties was legally or mentally unable to enter into a marriage, an annulment may be possible. There are other grounds for gaining an annulment as well. Our annulment attorney can help you learn more.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are experiencing issues relating to domestic abuse,  Ladera Ranch Domestic Violence Attorney Neshanian can help. We assist clients in gaining protective orders, responding to false accusations, and other legal aspects of domestic violence.

Move Away Lawyer | When a Parent Relocates

If you are having a problem related to parental relocation, call Ladera Ranch Move Away Attorney Neshanian. Various issues with visitation, support, or other matters can arise when one parent decides to move, and Attorney Neshanian works to resolve these issues.

Paternity Lawyer

To establish, challenge, or nullify paternity, a knowledgeable paternity attorney should be consulted. Ms. Neshanian can assist individuals and families dealing with paternity issues.

Palimony Attorney | Unmarried Couple Separation

When a couple who has not married chooses to separate, questions over property division, support, and other matters may need to be resolved. For assistance in these areas, contact our Ladera Ranch palimony lawyer.

Post-Judgment Modification Attorney | Changing Court Orders

In the event that changed circumstances arise and require the modification of a court order, our post-judgment modification lawyer understands how to help. If you have a question or need assistance with a change in visitation, spousal support, child support, or another family law matter, call our offices.

Child Support Lawyer

As a California state certified family law specialist, our child support attorney is well qualified to guide parents through child support proceedings. Attorney Neshanian can explain how to pursue a resolution of issues relating to late child support, collections, or how to complete a petition for child support.

Property Division Lawyer | Proper Asset Calculation

If there is a dispute between divorcing or separating parties over the division of assets,  it is advised that a knowledgeable property division attorney be consulted. Ms. Neshanian works to ensure assets and debts are accurately calculated, and that an equitable division of such is attained.

Consult with Ladera Ranch Family Law Attorney Neshanian

Call (714) 973-2600 to reach our firm and make an appointment to consult with Ladera Ranch Divorce Lawyer, Prenuptial Agreement Attorney, and Child Custody Lawyer Amy Neshanian. We also provide an online contact form if you prefer. Our office will review your form and make arrangements for an appointment.


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