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Irvine Legal Separation Lawyer Amy Neshanian

Welcome to The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. Irvine Legal Separation Attorney Amy Neshanian is a highly experienced Family Law lawyer who has been exclusively representing individuals in Divorce and Family Law related matters for nearly 17 years.

Ms. Neshanian, a California State Board Certified Family Law Specialist, is a highly knowledgeable legal advocate who has extensive experience working on behalf of individuals who want a Legal Separation.

If you are presently married and need information regarding the differences between a Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) and Legal Separation, please contact Irvine Legal Separation Attorney Amy Neshanian and The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. by calling (714) 973-2600 to schedule your in-depth, personal consultation.

During your confidential legal consultation Ms. Neshanian will thoroughly explain how a Divorce differs from a Legal Separation, discuss the requirements, and provide you with the necessary facts to make an educated decision regarding how you wish to proceed. Irvine Legal Separation Lawyer Amy Neshanian

Dedicated to providing high quality legal representation, Irvine Legal Separation Lawyer Amy Neshanian quickly responds to all client phone calls and emails, and we provide clients with regular updates about the progress of their case.

Legal Separation Attorney in Irvine

Legal Separations are frequently utilized by couples who wish to permanently separate, end the marital estate to stop accruing community property assets and debts, obtain family support (child support, alimony or both), but for various reasons do not want to obtain a divorce.

Spouses may decide to file for and obtain a legal separation if they do not yet meet California’s mandatory six month minimum residency requirements to file for divorce, have religious objections to divorce, or for the purpose of keeping a spouse with chronic health problems on their healthcare plan (as permitted by their insurance carrier).

If spouses choose to file for Legal Separation because they do not yet meet California’s residency requirement but no longer wish to continue living as husband and wife, they may convert it into a divorce action once they meet this prerequisite. For additional information, please contact Irvine Legal Separation Lawyer Amy Neshanian at (714) 973-2600.

Converting a Legal Separation to a Dissolution of Marriage is allowed after the initial filing but prior to the other party filing their response, or after finalization.

While highly similar to obtaining a Divorce, there are three primary differences between Legal Separations and Marriage Dissolutions, as set forth below:  

A divorce will be granted even if one party to the action objects. However, Legal Separations require the consent of both parties.

At least one spouse seeking a Divorce must be a California resident for six months before the Clerk of the Court will accept a filing for Dissolution of Marriage. However, residency requirements do not apply to those seeking a Legal Separation.

A Legal Separation will go into effect immediately once it is ordered by the Court. With respect to Divorce, even if all of the issues are resolved shortly after filing, the earliest that a Divorce can go into effect is six months after the date of filing.

During Legal Separation proceedings, the court will treat the resolution of pertinent issues as it would if they had filed for divorce. Marital debts and assets will be equally divided absent the existence of a premarital or postmarital agreement, the issue of spousal support (alimony) will be ruled upon, and child custody, visitation and support will be resolved if they have underage children.

At The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc., Irvine Family Law Attorney and Legal Separation Lawyer Amy Neshanian has vast experience handling issues pertaining to Legal Separation, including:  

Absent converting a Legal Separation into a divorce, the marriage will legally remain intact, even if the marital estate no longer exists. Remarriage is forbidden unless one of the spouses died or the Legal Separation is converted into a Dissolution of Marriage.   

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Please contact Irvine Legal Separation Attorney Amy Neshanian at The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. to obtain information about filing for Legal Separation.

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Centrally located in Irvine, Legal Separation Lawyer Neshanian provides caring, knowledgeable legal representation to those who reside throughout Orange County.

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