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Newport Beach Family Law Lawyers

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Newport Beach FThe Neshanian Law Firm of Eric and Amy Neshanianamily Law Attorney Amy Neshanian and The Neshanian Law Firm have been serving clients in Newport Beach and Orange County as well as across Southern California for almost 17 years. As a state board certified specialist, Attorney Neshanian is well qualified to represent individuals in divorce and separation matters, including support, marital agreements, child custody, and more.

As an effective Newport Beach family law lawyer, Ms. Neshanian zealously litigates and negotiates for clients in order to reach their objectives. She gives personal attention on each case.

To gain experienced counsel on matters of divorce, child visitation, child support, paternity, annulment, or related issues, call (714) 973-2600 to schedule a consultation. Family Law Expert Attorney Amy Neshanian provides outstanding guidance as a post-judgment modification lawyer and family law modification attorney in a variety of issues.

Your consultation with Newport Beach Attorney Neshanian includes a careful case review and discussion. She will assess the situation along with any concerns and goals you have. Ms. Neshanian is a California state certified family law specialist who is able to find practical legal solutions to family law disputes.

Our Newport Beach family law firm believes in giving outstanding service. We respond promptly to client emails and calls, and we provide regular case updates to keep clients informed on the status of their legal matter.

Family Law Attorney for Newport Beach, California

If you are facing a divorce, separation, or other family law matter, Newport Beach Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian may be able to help. Whether it was your spouse who first filed for divorce or it was you who did so, Family Law Mediation Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer Neshanian will guide the case from start to finish. To find answers to your legal questions, call our family law mediator and family law litigator.

Divorce Attorney

We assist clients in cases of contested divorce, uncontested divorce, high-asset divorce, low asset divorce, and domestic partnership dissolution.

Annulment Lawyer

In cases where an element of incapacity, duress, or fraud was involved, a marriage could qualify for annulment. Call Annulment Attorney Neshanian to learn more. Newport Beach Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian

Child Custody Attorney

The Newport Beach child custody lawyer at our firm is able to help families resolve parental relocation, joint child custody, and legal child custody matters.

Child Support Lawyer

As a highly qualified child support attorney, Ms. Neshanian guides clients through multiple child support matters, including issues with back child support, child support enforcement, child support modifications, and initial determination of child support.

Child Visitation Attorney

Our child visitation lawyer helps families with parenting plans as well as with issues involving grandparents’ rights, parental timeshare plans, and visitation.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer serving Newport Beach, CA

If a client and the ex-spouse desire to avoid litigation and use mediation to resolve disputes, Divorce Mediation Attorney Neshanian can help. Call our office to schedule a consultation and discuss the legal issues facing your family, such as those relating to property division, child custody, divorce settlement, child support, or other matters.

Domestic Violence Attorney

For assistance procuring a temporary protective order, permanent protective order, or restraining order, call our law office. Domestic Violence Lawyer Neshanian helps clients with the full range of domestic abuse matters, including establishing protective orders, renewing orders, and defending against orders.

Legal Separation Lawyer

When an individual decides to separate from their spouse, Legal Separation Attorney Amy Neshanian can provide information regarding separation agreements, property division, and related matters.

Palimony Attorney

When an unmarried couple separates, one of them could be eligible to collect support. To discuss your case, please call Palimony Lawyer Amy Neshanian.

Move Away Lawyer

Our family law lawyer provides counsel to separated or divorced parents who are moving. If you or your ex-spouse is planning to relocate, call our firm to find out how parental relocation can affect child visitation, support modifications, custody, and other matters.

Paternity Attorney

If you are facing a paternity dispute, Paternity Lawyer Neshanian may be able to assist. She works to defend parental rights and establish child support, custody, and visitation.

Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

At times, a change in circumstances may necessitate a change in court orders. If you have concerns about modifying court orders for child custody, child visitation, alimony, property division, or child support, please call our firm to arrange a consultation with Post Judgment Modifications Lawyer Neshanian.

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

If you have been asked to sign a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, or if you would like to create one, call Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Neshanian.

Property Division Lawyer

When a couple separates or divorces, issues regarding the division of property may arise. If this happens, Property Division Attorney Amy Neshanian may be able to help. Call our firm for assistance with community assets, community debts, separate property, and hidden assets.

Spousal Support Attorney

Our law firm guides clients through alimony and spousal support matters such as determination of spousal support, prior support orders, and more.

Consult With Skilled Newport Beach Family Law Lawyer

Our Newport Beach family law mediation attorney and spousal support lawyer is a certified specialist able to defend client rights and resolve disputes. As a skilled family law modification lawyer, litigator, and negotiator, she provides counsel that clients can rely on.

Call Newport Beach Family Law Attorney and Divorce Litigation Attorney Neshanian for a complimentary consultation to discuss your case. Our online case evaluation form may also be used to contact us. Family Law Litigation Lawyer and Post-Judgment Attorney Amy Neshanian has the experience and skill it takes to navigate family law matters and reach positive outcomes.


If you drive from Newport Beach City Hall to our law office, start by going northwest on Civic Center Drive. Turn right on Avocado Avenue. Turn right on San Miguel Drive. Turn left on MacArthur Boulevard. Take a slight right on Jamboree Road. At Alton Parkway, turn right. At Murphy Avenue, turn left. When you come to Corporate Park, turn left. We are at 20 Corporate Park on the left.


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