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Orange Family LThe Neshanian Law Firm of Eric and Amy Neshanianaw Lawyer Amy Neshanian offers skilled legal counsel to individuals facing issues with child custody, divorce, child support, or other matters. Ms. Neshanian is a State Certified Specialist and diligently works to resolve family law cases for clients in Orange, Orange County, and throughout California.

Orange Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian is a dedicated and zealous legal advocate who has been representing clients for almost 17 years. She believes in working closely with every client to identify goals and the most effective means of achieving them.

If you need an annulment, are looking for help with child support, child visitation, or child custody, or if you are facing divorce or another family law matter, please contact Family Law Modification Lawyer and Post-Judgment Modification Attorney Amy Neshanian by calling (714) 973-2600. We will schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation with Ms. Neshanian, an experienced family law expert.

The private consultation with Orange Attorney Neshanian will include a careful review of your concerns. Ms. Neshanian provides an honest and in-depth analysis of the case. She also works to develop an effective strategy for addressing problems and reaching legal goals. As a California State Certified Specialist and expert in family law, she possesses the skills needed to resolve legal matters successfully and in a timely, efficient manner.

Our law firm is dedicated to providing personalized and high quality legal service to each and every client. We respond promptly to emails and phone calls. We also provide regular updates on the status of your case.

Family Law Lawyer Representation in Orange, California

Orange Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian provides representation to clients in a range of legal matters. Whether your spouse has initiated a divorce or you have decided to, our office is able to offer skilled counsel and representation. We understand that you likely have unanswered questions. Orange Family Law Mediation Attorney and Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian is able to guide clients by means of her knowledge and experience. She is a skilled family law litigation attorney and seasoned mediator who fights for client rights in all types of family law matters.

Divorce Lawyer

Our firm handles a variety of divorce cases such as contested and uncontested divorce hearings, complex and high-asset divorces, and dissolution of domestic partnerships.

Annulment Attorney

If incapacity, duress, or fraud are involved, Annulment Lawyer Neshanian will work diligently to annul the marriage.

Child Custody Lawyer

Our knowledgeable child custody attorney is experienced in cases involving legal child custody, parental relocation, joint custody, child support modifications, and more.

Child Support Attorney

Our Orange child support lawyer is able to resolve and provide effective counsel for all manner of child support matters, including the initial determination of child support, modifications, back child support, and enforcement actions.

Child Visitation Lawyer

Ms. Neshanian is a highly qualified child visitation attorney who handles parental timeshare plans, visitation disputes, parenting plan modifications, and grandparents’ rights.

Divorce Mediation Attorney

Divorce settlements, property division, and disputes regarding child support and child custody can often be resolved amicably through mediation. Please call Divorce Mediation Lawyer Neshanian to discuss your specific situation.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

For a wide array of domestic abuse issues, Domestic Violence Attorney Amy Neshanian is able to help clients establish restraining orders. These include permanent or temporary protective orders. Ms. Neshanian is also able to defend against a requested protective order as well as against the renewal of a protective order of any kind.

Legal Separation Attorney

As a divorce alternative, Legal Separation Lawyer Neshanian provides representation to clients during the entire process of legal separation. This includes property division and separation agreements.

Palimony Lawyer

Ms. Neshanian is a knowledgeable palimony attorney able to draft enforceable contracts pertaining to unmarried, cohabitating couples.

Move Away Attorney

Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian handles an array of matters, including protecting client rights in cases of parental relocation. This can include matters of child visitation, child custody, and modification of support.

Paternity Lawyer

Orange Attorney Neshanian is a skilled paternity attorney who assists clients in determining parentage. She is able to defend against any type of paternity proceeding, obtain orders for child support, child custody, and child visitation.

Post Judgment Modifications Attorney

In the event that you need to change an existing court order  regarding child custody, child support, child visitation, property division, or alimony matters, please contact our family law firm.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Amy Neshanian creates and reviews all types postmarital and premarital agreements.

Property Division Attorney

In order to reach a fair and equitable division of the marital property, Lawyer Neshanian skillfully resolves disputes about the date of separation. As a knowledgeable property division lawyer, Ms. Neshanian is able to successfully handle cases that involve division of community property assets and debts, complex hidden assets, and separate property disputes.

Spousal Support Lawyer

A well-qualified spousal support attorney, Ms. Neshanian successfully handles all manner of spousal support matters. Please contact our firm for assistance with determination of spousal support (alimony), disputes regarding the issuing of support orders, or modifications to prior support orders.

Call for a Consultation with our Orange Family Law Attorney

To obtain reliable legal representation and counsel on any family law issue, please call Orange Family Law Mediation Lawyer Amy Neshanian. She knows what kind of stress such matters cause to those involved, including children. Attorney Neshanian works diligently to resolve every case efficiently.

Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Modification Attorney Neshanian is a Certified Family Law Specialist in the state of California. She is a qualified negotiator and makes every attempt to settle the case outside the courtroom first. In circumstances where settlement negotiation does not produce the desired result, Ms. Neshanian is prepared to initiate aggressive litigation.

Call Orange Family Law Lawyer and divorce litigation lawyer Neshanian at (714) 973-2600 or submit an online case evaluation form. We offer a comprehensive consultation with a family law attorney and post-judgment modification attorney who focuses on attaining client objectives through specialized, high-quality legal representation.


When driving from the area near Orange City Hall to our offices, begin by going east on East Chapman Avenue. Take the 55 South. Exit at Dyer Road East. Turn right at East Dyer Road. Continue straight as East Dyer Road becomes Barranca Parkway. Turn right at Jamboree Road. Turn left at Beckman Avenue. Turn right at Corporate Park and continue to our office at 20 Corporate Park, which is on the right.

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