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San Juan CapistranThe Neshanian Law Firm of Eric and Amy Neshaniano Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian  and Attorney Eric Neshanian possess 17 years of experience assisting clients in San Juan Capistrano, the Orange County region, and beyond.

If you are facing issues related to divorce and separation such as child support, spousal support, palimony, child custody, child visitation, paternity, or domestic violence, call our family law firm. We can help with post-order modifications, annulments, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and divorce mediation. To discuss your legal concerns, please call 714-973-2600 for a consultation with San Juan Capistrano Attorney Neshanian.

Attorney Amy Neshanian is certified as an expert family law lawyer. As such, she is able to successfully litigate, mediate, and negotiate in order to attain client objectives. Our firm has helped many clients reach favorable results  in their family law cases.

Family Law Attorney for San Juan Capistrano, CA

For experienced legal counsel in a family law matter, San Juan Capistrano Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian may be able to help. As a seasoned divorce attorney, Ms. Neshanian expertly represents individuals seeking divorce or separation. She also provides representation to men and women responding to divorce or separation initiated by their spouse.

Divorce Lawyer | Dissolution of Marriage

Individuals involved in contested, uncontested, low-asset, or high-asset divorce proceedings can find reliable counsel from Certified Family Law Specialist Amy Neshanian. Her legal guidance helps clients to properly conclude their marriage or domestic partnership and reach an equitable agreement.

Spousal Support Lawyer | Alimony

After divorce or separation, collection issues or the need for a modification may occur. When this happens, please call our spousal support attorney to ensure protection of your interests.

Legal Separation Attorney | Alternative to Divorce

When couples choose to separate, Legal Separation Lawyer Amy Neshanian can provide invaluable direction regarding asset protection, separation agreements, division of property, spousal support, child issues, and related matters.

Child Custody Attorney | Legal & Physical Child Custody

If you are becoming enmeshed in a child custody dispute, our San Juan Capistrano family law firm and child custody lawyer may be able to help. Attorney Neshanian assists parents who seek sole or shared custody and advises them of what is involved in different custody arrangements.San Juan Capistrano Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian

Child Visitation Attorney | Parenting Plans

When creating a parenting plan, include occasions such as holidays, school vacations, and other special dates. The parenting plan must put the child’s interests first, and allot time to spend with each parent. Time with grandparents may also be designated if they are helping to provide care. Child Visitation Lawyer Amy Neshanian uses her skill and expertise to help parents create practical parenting plans.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer | Protecting Your Interests

San Juan Capistrano Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Neshanian is able to create prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in addition to reviewing documents clients have been asked to sign. If you wish to discuss a prenuptial agreement / postnuptial agreement, call our family law firm. Ms. Neshanian is able to explain the benefits and risks associated and negotiate in behalf of clients.

Annulment Attorney | Nullifying a Marriage

If circumstances such as fraud, duress, or incapacity exist, a marriage could qualify for annulment.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer | Alternative to Litigation

If you wish to settle a divorce with fewer costs and less stress, divorce mediation may be the answer. Our divorce mediation attorney works to resolve disputes and reach agreements that are acceptable to both sides.

Domestic Violence Attorney | Timely Protection

If you are facing domestic abuse or false accusations, call San Juan Capistrano Family Law Lawyer and Domestic Violence Lawyer Neshanian. We can provide information and guidance on protective orders, false allegations, and other issues.

Move Away Attorney | Resolve Relocation Disputes

When the situation arises where the custodial parent desires to move, various problems can occur. Move Away Lawyer Neshanian can provide effective advice and guidance regarding these issues.

Palimony Lawyer | Cohabitation Rights

If an unwedded couple live together and decide to separate, Palimony Attorney Neshanian can work to ensure proper financial support is achieved.

Paternity Attorney | Parentage Issues

To receive counsel and representation in a paternity issue, call our law firm to arrange a private consultation with Paternity Lawyer Neshanian. She assists clients with the establishment, challenge, or nullification of parentage.

Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer | Changes to Court Orders

When a former spouse or co-parent wants to make changes to a court order, or if you are needing to make changes, call our post-judgment modification attorney. We look out for the interests of clients and offer dependable legal guidance.

Property Division Attorney | Evaluating Assets

Oftentimes, disputes regarding asset division arise during divorce or separation proceedings. If this is the case between you and a former spouse, call The Neshanian Law Firm for assistance. Our property division lawyer can help resolve disagreements over debts, assets, community property, and related issues.

Child Support Lawyer | Arrearages and Enforcement

San Juan Capistrano Child Support Attorney Neshanian offers counsel regarding various child support cases. Call us for information on collecting back child support, late child support, and the initial petition for child support.

Consult San Juan Capistrano Family Law Lawyer Neshanian

To discuss your case and legal concerns with San Juan Capistrano Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian, call our office and schedule a confidential consultation. Or you may use the case evaluation page to get in contact with us. We will review your case information and contact you to arrange an appointment.


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