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The Tustin FamilyThe Neshanian Law Firm of Eric and Amy Neshanian Law Attorneys and Certified Family Law Specialist Amy Neshanian at The Neshanian Law Firm provide highly skilled legal representation in all areas of family law. For nearly 17 years, we have served clients in Tustin and throughout the Orange County, California community.

If you are looking for experienced advice and counsel for any matter concerning divorce or divorce mediation, legal separation, annulment, paternity, child support, visitation, custody, premarital or post-marital agreements, spousal support, palimony, domestic violence, or modification to existing court orders, contact our family law firm today.

Certified by the state of California as an expert in family law matters, Tustin Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian works zealously to secure results through negotiation, mediation, and litigation. She gives each case personal attention, and works with clients to develop and achieve their own unique legal objectives.

Call The Neshanian Law Firm at (714) 973-2600 to arrange for a private consultation with Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian. Your initial consultation will include a thorough case review, an in-depth discussion of your situation, and an honest assessment of your legal goals. Tustin Family Law Lawyer Neshanian is well qualified to help you find practical solutions to address each of your concerns.

We have earned a reputation for delivering outstanding service which is reflected in the reviews from our clients. Tustin Attorney Amy Neshanian promptly responds to client inquiries, and provides consistent case updates.

Family Law Lawyer Representation | Tustin, CA

When a challenging family law issue needs the attention of a highly knowledgeable legal professional, Tustin Family Law Attorney Neshanian is prepared to help you find effective solutions. Whether your spouse is seeking the divorce or separation, or whether it is your choice to file, Divorce Attorney and Family Law Specialist Amy Neshanian is a skilled negotiator, mediator, and litigator who will guide your case throughout the entire process.Tustin Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian

Divorce Lawyer | Dissolution of Marriage

Through all types of divorce proceedings, Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian provides compassionate and strong representation while advocating for your interests and seeking a fair outcome. In contested and uncontested divorces, high-asset and low-asset matters, Ms. Neshanian can effectively help you end your marriage or domestic partnership.

Annulment Attorney | Nullity of Marriage

In qualifying circumstances, Annulment Lawyer Neshanian helps clients nullify a marriage. These situations may include fraud, duress, or incapacity.

Child Custody Lawyer | Physical or Legal Custody

Working toward the best interests of the child, Ms. Neshanian helps resolve custody disputes between parents. Whether you are seeking sole legal custody or sole physical custody, or whether you are seeking a 50/50 timesharing arrangement, Child Custody Attorney Amy Neshanian can help you make informed decisions to achieve your legal objectives.

Child Visitation Attorney | Effective Parenting Plans

As an experienced negotiator, mediator, and litigator, Child Visitation Lawyer Neshanian helps clients create parenting plans that represent the child’s best interests as well as meeting the needs of the parents and grandparents who may be involved in sharing time with the child. An effective parenting plan takes into account all relevant holidays, school vacations, and important dates which fulfill the child’s life.

Child Support Attorney | Enforcement & Arrears

From the initial determination of child support, through issues involving arrears and enforcement of back child support collections, Child Support Lawyer Amy Neshanian handles all child support-related matters.

Divorce Mediator | Amicable Solutions

For divorcing spouses who are seeking to resolve marital differences without the additional costs of litigation, Divorce Mediation  Attorney Neshanian provides experienced assistance with all divorce-related issues.

Domestic Violence Lawyer | The Help You Need Now

If your situation includes domestic abuse, or if you are facing domestic violence allegations, Domestic Violence Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian provides the legal assistance you need. She can help you secure protection orders, or she can help you fight false accusations.

Legal Separation Attorney | A Court-Ordered Process

When a couple chooses a legal separation instead of divorce, Legal Separation Lawyer Neshanian handles all the details including marital separations agreements, property division, child-related issues, and spousal support.

Move Away Attorney | Parental Relocation Disputes

As a Move Away Lawyer and Family Law Specialist, Ms. Neshanian assists with parental relocation matters and the legal issues which arise when circumstances necessitate a child moving away from a non-custodial parent.

Palimony Lawyer | Cohabitation Rights

When unmarried couples who are living together separate, there may be several legal matters to consider. Palimony Attorney Amy Neshanian protects the rights of clients who may be eligible for financial support.

Paternity Attorney | Parentage Disputes

Representing both women and men, Paternity Lawyer Neshanian protects the rights of clients in all paternity-related matters, including establishing or challenging parentage and nullifying a Declaration of Paternity.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer | Protect Your Rights

Whether you want your prospective spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement, or if your signature has been requested on a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, contact The Neshanian Law Firm for assistance. Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Amy Neshanian reviews, negotiates, and drafts all types of marital agreements.

Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer | Adjustments to Court Orders

Have your circumstances changed or is your ex-spouse seeking to change court orders? Contact Post-Judgment Modification Attorney Neshanian for assistance.

Property Division Attorney | Valuation of Marital Assets

In divorce and legal separation matters, Property Division Lawyer Amy Neshanian helps resolve disputes concerning division of marital assets and debts, community property, hidden assets, and valuation of assets.

Spousal Support Lawyer | Alimony Payments

After divorce or separation, Spousal Support Attorney Neshanian helps guide clients as they seek spousal support payments, challenge the amount of support, or seek to change prior orders.

Call to Discuss Your Situation with our Tustin Family Law Attorney

As a Tustin Family Law Attorney and Certified Specialist in divorce and family law matters, Ms. Neshanian helps clients work through differences to resolve disputes. She is a zealous advocate for her client’s rights and she defends and protects their interests.

Contact Family Law Lawyer Neshanian for an in-depth consultation to discuss your situation. Call (714) 973-2600 or complete our Family Law Case Evaluation Form. We will arrange for a private consultation.


When driving to The Neshanian Law Firm from the Tustin area, begin heading south on Centennial Way and make a right on Newport Avenue. Take a left on El Camino Real. Turn right on Red Hill Avenue. Get on the 5 South. Exit at Jamboree Road and turn right. Make a left on Beckman Avenue. Take a right on Corporate Park. Our family law firm is on the right.

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